Monday, 1 December 2008

World AIDS Day

Centre photo shows Paul Van Gelder (L) with two of the teachers and several of SISP's children.

SISP supports a number of families where AIDS is a factor in their poverty. It pays for medicine, education costs of any children, and provide food parcels - whatever is most appropriate to the circumstances. SISP's social workers also work in the community, trying to overcome the ignorance associated with AIDS and other diseases.

Today we took part in a rally in Vizhinjam, a poor fishing village which is the centre of SISP's catchment area. 45 or so of the older children, Paul Van Gelder (founder of SISP), four teachers and I marched for half a mile or so to the bus terminus where speeches were blasted out over the ever-popular Public Address loudspeakers. I think our kids outnumbered the audience, but I suppose we'll have been noticed as we brought the normally busy road to near standstill!

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