Sunday, 21 December 2008

Nativity Monstrosity

Monstrosity: Noun. Something hideous or frightful; something which is very ugly and usually large; something outrageously or offensively wrong; something grossly malformed. These descriptions must surely correspond to the thoughts running through your head! I'll have you know that this thing has taken a day and a half to make - and no, it's not the size of a house! Yes, it IS meant to look rustic. All houses looked like this two thousand years ago, right?!

Actually, it is SO rustic that I think it'll be dismissed as a pile of crap. It reminds me of the time when I overdid the make-up on my son, C, when he went to a school fair dressed as a scruffy urchin - people recoiled in horror!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the other hanger-ons, came as a set of cement figures from a local shop. Many of the houses around here (well, I suppose the Christian ones at least) have little nativity scenes with these very same models. I decided the standard colours were a bit dull so slapped on a bit of red, blue, green and yellow (I have no white to tone the colours down). Anyway, Indians like bright colours, don't they?!

How I'm going to get this lot, plus other decorations, posters, and my shoulder bag to SISP tomorrow is going to be interesting. I foresee dropping the monstrosity, it smashing into smithereens, and me then kicking it into oblivion!

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