Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Anti-Mould Cupboard

I've been considering my options for reducing the mould which has been appearing on various things. In the end I decided to make part of my bedroom wardrobe "heated" to keep things dry. It goes against the grain to do this but I don't think there's much choice. If I don't do it I'm sure I will start losing things to the mould - fungus-breeding conditions are perfect here!
I also discovered a pair of powered wires going nowhere which would make the job very easy.

So, yesterday I bought:
1 25W Compton filament bulb
1 Elle Aerolite batten lampholder
1 Shandar Deluxe "Hanging Bed Switch"
all for the grand total of Rs39 (or about £0.52).  Bargain!

I eventually located the circuit breaker (there are more breakers than electrical fittings in this place) and discovered it was 6A. Perfect! I also discovered that the house's lights were on a 20A circuit and that the residual current breaker does nothing other than look ugly - my bodges will be quite at home here!

First task was to make a hole in the wardrobe for the wires. This was more difficult than I expected it's 22mm blockboard, probably hardwood, and I have no drill! But I had screwdrivers and a shoe heel to use as a hammer... it took a while but I managed it in the end. The rest was easy. My mate Mr Gowers would be proud of my "ingenuity"!

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that when I came from the UK I brought salt and pepper mills with me but the salt turned to slush and the pepper corns went soggy. This bulb-in-cupboard will be great for keeping them dry.

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