Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Eve

The photos tell the story. A lot of fun was had by all. I was particularly impressed by (SISP founder) Paul's involvement with the celebrations - he joined in with some of the games and sang a kind of Christmas rhyme which all the children had to repeat. And his voice was good too!

I spent a lot of the time taking photos - these are just a few of them. But I did get involved with the Spiderman team tug of war - I thought my weight might help! We won one game and lost the other. Pity! We were making headway but then the opponents jerked the rope and a few of us sliped over and were dragged back over the ground. I managed to graze my face and arm but nothing too serious. In case you haven't spotted the old scoreboard, Spiderman came last overall. I'm told it's the taking part that counts!

Some things about today pissed me off. One was that no one told me that the kids and staff were not having lunch together, so I ate with the kids as usual. It was only after I had started to tuck in that I was told. Then there was a gift exchange thing - everone had bought a little present to exchange with another randomly selected person, but no one thought to tell me. It turned out that there were a few spare gifts so I did actually have something to exchange, but that's not the point. Finally, when I got home in the evening, I found that Paul had written a Christmas message on the 18th and given it to the Belgian webmaster who had published it today. Too late for me to make an English version before the big day. Hmm.

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