Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas Shopping

This is a report I put on SISP's website yesterday evening...

"Each year, just before Christmas, and if funds allow, we take the children to the shops in Beemapalli to buy some clothes as an end-of-year present. Many of their clothes will normally be second-hand or hand-me-downs, so receiving something new is a real treat for them.

While children in the West will be demanding the latest Wii, XBox, Playstation or fancy mobile phone, our children have no such expectations and are extremely happy just receiving something functional like clothes. And like all children, given half a chance, ours are discerning fashion consumers! They love to choose their own garments and create their own individual style. Within the limits of our tight budget, by shopping carefully and with a bit of negotiation, we are usually able to buy something our children are proud to wear.

So, on Tuesday and Wednesday we made two trips to the shops with our bus crammed full of our younger children. Despite the heat, waiting in the bus, and having to wait turns to be served in the shop, it was a very happy occasion!

The older children are even more fashion conscious and will make their own purchases in their own time which they'll bring to the Centre and we'll then reimburse them. All the children will be presented with their new clothes on the 23rd or 24th December - immediately after their exams and just before they break up for the holidays. Their pleasure is always a joy to behold!"

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