Monday, 8 December 2008


I'm quite pleased with this, even if you think it's a bit crap!

As we are approaching the end of term, SISP is planning six days of exams starting next Monday. As well as revision, somehow we are also going to fit in a series of team games. The school has been divided into four teams and today's competition was to decide names for them. I didn't really understand what was happening so I made a total of fifteen suggestions - names of the planets, names of big cats, names of snakes, names of cheeses (yes? What's wrong with cheeses?). The winning entry was selected today - and despite my very prolific contribution, I didn't win. Can't think why! What won was "Spiderman, Superman, Strongman and Hangman"! I did think that last one was a bit odd until I was told I'd misheard "Hanuman", who turns out to be an Indian God. An easy mistake to make!

As I was the only guy around from my team at SISP today, it being a national holiday, I got assigned the task of designing the team poster. And this is it - Spiderman capturing Superman, Strongman and Hanuman! I wonder if the judges will appreciate my "slap it on, rough and ready" style. It took me four hours to produce this masterpiece so it deserves at least some recognition!

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