Saturday, 1 November 2008

Trip to Police Commissioner

I set off early by bus to Trivandrum today to visit the Police Commissioner's Office to register with them because my visa is longer than 6 months which means you should register within 14 days of arrival in India (making the deadline a couple of days ago). Using my map and asking a few people en route I managed to navigate my way from East Fort to the Office without too much difficulty, though the map was wrong in many places. Amazingly, the guy told me that because my visa is marked "Special Endorsement" I don't need to register with them! I don't know whether I caught him on a good day, whether he didn't fancy the paperwork, or if it was true that I didn't need it - whatever, I was mightily relieved!

The rest of my time in TRV was spent buying a second sheet for my bed, to replace the fleece blanket which really is too hot, and buying various bits and bobs for my kitchen. I had a look at the bikes in a cycle shop. They sold Hercules cycles, some of which have the ancient rod brakes! Even the modern ones are still pretty ancient technology with heavy frames and single speed. I wasn't too inspired. And I'm not sure I need one anyway - I seem to be managing pretty well on foot and bus.

When I got home I found that the Asianet folk had been and extended the cable, so now I have a neat coil of cable sitting on the dining table in the hall of my pad! I phoned them about the modem - they said either later today or tomorrow. Well, it's not going to be "today" now. Tomorrow will be great - but did they really mean that? It is, after all, a Sunday.

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