Thursday, 20 November 2008

Shirt Askew and Paddling with the Kids

Yesterday I walked up the road, visited the chai stall, and then walked to the school. I passed dozens of people and said hello to 10 or so. When I finally arrived at the school I was asked if my shirt was a new fashion statement... and looking down I discovered it was buttoned up all askew! Urgh! The loose shirt, baggy trousers, sandals and sun hat were obviously complimented by this new style!

In the afternoon we took the kids swimming at Kovalam Beach. They always hanker to go on their sports afternoons and I can now see why - it's great fun! I imagine we had 40 children and six adults (three teachers, two volunteers and me) all splashing about, jumping in the waves, jumping on each other, and occasionally managing a stroke or two. I couldn't resist joining in!

Some kids mentioned stings and I found my legs were stinging too. At first I thought it was just the sand but there were definite raised red lines across my legs. Then the kids were showing me wool-like threads in the water and then we spotted the huge purple jelly fish. They were presumably dead and being washed ashore. The kids handled them like experts, sticking their fingers in the centre of them and pulling them onto the sand. I guess they must be harmless enough... they certainly didn't spoil the fun!

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