Monday, 10 November 2008

Lorry and Lightning

On the way to work a lorry had broken down on the busy road to Vizhinjam on a near-blind bend. There were a few bits of branch at the front and the rear to indicate that it was going nowhere - no cones, of course. It was a metre or so out from the side of the road and a few motorbikes were passing on the inside, and the other side was just wide enough for cars to pass yet they were trying to squeeze through two-abreast with pedestrians on the road too! Drivers could see one end of the lorry or the other from some distance yet they were still trying to overtake just before it. I saw a bus miss a 4x4 literally by an inch. The lorry has been there two days and an axle has been removed, presumably for repair. No tow-trucks here! There was a guy watching over it but that was all he could do - watch. It would need two people to coordinate the traffic. Madness!

Outside, right now, it is night time, with rain pouring down and thunder and lightning overhead. There's been thunder for much of the day and, as usual, it's been hot and very humid, but the rain only started this evening. As I write this there was a hell of a bang and flash overhead and I jumped out of my chair. I've now disconnected my laptop from the mains and from the cable modem, just in case! Christ!! Two more hellishly close cracks - I thought the ceiling was about to come down! And now the power's failed. Think I'd better call it quits for tonight!

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