Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Fever? Maybe, Maybe Not!

Last night I got home, had a few bananas and a cup of chai, and then suddenly felt very dizzy. I thought I was about to be sick but it passed and after a couple of minutes I was feeling OK-ish. Then a little while later it happened again, and then again several times after that. Eventually I decided to go to bed with a bucket beside me, just in case.

I slept pretty well, apart from being awoken by a dog which had decided it was actually a wolf and was howling to all the neighbouring dogs! Eventually it went away and I could just make out its howls in the distance.

When I woke at six this morning I felt really great, as I often do after sickness, and thought I'd shaken the dizziness off. But, as soon as I moved, I felt sick again and grabbed for the bucket. Yet again the feeling subsided... and was left with a bit of a headache and feeling hot.

At SISP many staff and kids are going down with "Fever". That is what they call it, and don't qualify it with a name. The symptoms are that they feel a bit hot and sweaty but no one mentioned the dizziness and feelings of nausea. Perhaps this is what I've caught. I'll go to work at the school anyway and see what happens.

I paid the rent this morning and, as a special Diwali gift, I told the owner to forget the Rs 2,000 loan I'd given her to fix the kitchen fan. I'm not certain but I think she might have lost her job so every Rupee must count. She seemed happy!

...later, same day....

The dizziness feelings went away early morning and I've been fine since then. Very odd, and apparently not the symptoms the other teachers have been having.

Had a tough day at work and, regrettably, ended up losing my temper with the kids and shouting at them. In the evening's tuition class they were noisy, inattentive, silly little sods. When you're trying to do your best and no one's listening, no one's looking at you, and they're talking amongst themselves, or worse - talking to passing kids in the corridor, it can be so bloody frustrating!

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