Thursday, 30 October 2008

Tough Cookie Teacher

A better day than yesterday. School was more successful and I managed to get Asianet to visit my house and take out a year's Internet subscription.

At school, the first two hours were with the arts and crafts teacher. I'm always impressed how she manages to control the children and keep them interested. She obviously cares for them greatly. She brings her own daughter, who is severely mentally disabled, in to school. The child, who I thought was six but is actually fourteen, spends most of the day lying on the floor of the workshop. Her mother tends her every so often, as do the other staff, and it seems to work somehow. She's only a little woman and this must be a huge burden but she has a smile for everyone.

Then one hour with the youngest group (F) who were just copying out numbers and making a meal of it! Lunch was followed by two hours with three older children while the majority of the school went off to do sports. This was great as I could just work on conversational skills with them.

From 4:30 to 6 I worked with the computer class helping the Malayalam teacher, a nice friendly Indian guy of 27. He has a great rapport with the kids. I did little more than oversee the kids using Microsoft Paint to create all kinds of wild things! A great hit is my drawing of a bicycle which is quick and easy, and actually looks vaguely like the proper article!

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