Wednesday, 29 October 2008

£25 loan for a fan

While I was out, the electrician came and fixed the ceiling fan in the hall and the light in the cloakroom. He left bits of insulating tape and screws and dirt on the floor - beneath him to pick them up, I suppose! The fan in the kitchen needs replacing and the owner needed to borrow the 2000Rs for it from me. (That's about £25). She said that this month's payment from her husband in Oman had been delayed. I suppose she had used the rent I paid a few days ago to pay other debts. Maybe I should say that as a "Diwali special" the 2000Rs is a gift. Clearly finances are tight.

A bit of a frustrating day at the school. Working with the 15yo backward girl in the morning, and then two little cheeky, talkative but bright boys who wouldn't shut up, in the evening. I suppose they are the extremes of what I have to deal with, and I felt I just wasn't getting through to any of them.

Despite me sending Texts to Asianet I've had no reply. I feel like telling them where they can stick their Internet service! Looks like the appointment I had arranged for this evening is off.

The kids from next door have exams tomorrow and Friday. I helped the lad do a bit of revision but he seemed to know all that he needed to know. Quite a contrast to the kids at SISP.

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