Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Downpours and Chaffing Briefs

It's 7 days since I arrived here in India and I've just had a second exhausting day at SISP. I suppose you must get used to it and relax a bit when you have the confidence of knowing what comes next, but I was struggling. Anyway, I've told the head teacher that I need tomorrow afternoon off to get a mattress etc. They will mostly be doing sports anyway which counts me out.

Last night it absolutely threw it down all night and continued into the morning when I set off for SISP. I have brought a rainproof lightweight jacket with me to India but it doesn't cover my legs and I've found that it clings to me when the going gets sweaty and humid. I need a decent umbrella like most Indians possess. Mr Nagaraj, who runs a stall up the road, gave me a lift in his hired rickshaw for part of the way which was very decent of him. The roads were running with rivers and had huge puddles. Since there are no pavements you spend much of your time dodging puddles and making sure you're not passing one when a lorry goes by.

The candle I've stuck to the bedpost keeps fizzing and crackling while I write this which is no good for my nerves. I'm sure I'm going to drop this laptop!

Must remember to get more boxer shorts. My briefs are causing sweating and chaffing which is most unpleasant. The boxers will allow a bit of air to circulate!

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