Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Paperwork for Asianet

Today, Tuesday, is the official day of celebration of Diwali. In fact, I saw and heard absolutely nothing!

On the way to KVM Junction I got offered a lift by a white German woman in a titchy car. She had squeezed some step ladders into it and there was just enough space for me. The car smelled of dogs - it transpired that she had seven of them. One had come with her from Italy where she had lived for a while, and the rest had been inherited from an English friend who appears to have dumped them on her. She looked the wild-haired hippy-type.

I've had a few Texts with Deepak Raj, Asianet representative. Connection in my area is confirmed, I just need to provide a copy of my passport, a passport-sized photo, the money, and a copy of the rental agreement. I don't have the latter, but the owner will get one for me tomorrow. I wondered if I would have to traipse into Trivandrum again to the Asianet offices but I was offered a home call from an Asianet rep - which is far more convenient and I've arranged for it tomorrow evening.

The neighbour's son went to the Electrician's house at 7a.m. this morning and arranged for him to come to fix the light and two fans this evening at 18:30. He didn't turn up...

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