Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Winding things up

At SISP, it's good to hear that a new chap may be taking over from me.  I met Cherry last week - he's young, bright, a real computing expert, is a native to Trivandrum, might volunteer long-term, and sounds keen.  I'm a bit worried that he seems quite quiet but perhaps that will work out OK if he gets the kids' respect.  He'll come to my classes tomorrow and on Friday to get a feel of what he's up against.  I hope he takes it on - it'll be good for the kids and for him too.

My last day is Friday of next week - 10 days' time.  I'm going to treat staff and kids to food that they like - chicken roast pieces, parottas and gravy. And perhaps fruit salad afterwards. I'm expecting there'll be about 115 mouths to feed!  Our cook couldn't cope with this kind of food so I've ordered it from a nearby place that came highly recommended.  They gave me a free sample - very tasty!  Friday's school food would normally be rice soup - a rather unpleasant gastronomic experience, and I'm pleased to think it won't be my last meal in India!

I've also been getting photos together so that I can give everyone a photo of themselves.  Here's sheet of all the children.  I'm gonna miss them.

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