Sunday, 21 March 2010


The temple noise started with Suprabhatham (Good Morning) at 05:00. And in exactly 24x7 hours time I'll be on a plane to the UK.

Ten minutes after it started I was outside, razor blade in hand. I figured that, since I'd complained yesterday, cut wires near my house might be a trifle obvious. But what if I just shorted the wires together and blew the amplifier's fuse? A razor would cut into the insulation and a bit of tape wrapped around it would stop me getting a belt off the 100 Volt line voltage.

First problem was that even at 05:10, there were people on the road. One guy suddenly appeared out of the shadows and looked at me suspiciously. Second problem was that the path with the wires (the path to the temple) had been specially lit with fluorescent tubes every few yards - it was like being under a spotlight! Anyway, I went for it... and failed. Bummer! I shorted the wires together during a quiet bit and held the razor there for several seconds, but by the time I'd got back to the house the noise started up again. Bloody frustrating.

I could just move house but all my junk isn't sorted. I've got to stay here a few days while I rationalise everything into piles of what's going to the UK, what could be posted to Sri Lanka, what's going to be given away, what's going to remain, and what's to be binned. And meanwhile I've still got classes to arrange, farewell-photos to do, and a blog to write!

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