Saturday, 20 March 2010

This blog

This blog will soon be coming to an end because I'm leaving India. But who reads it? Not many! I've been monitoring for the last month. Of 38 visits, 25 were mine! 10 came from the UK, 2 Sweden (thanks, Marco!) and 1 from Belgium. The person in Belgium was in Gent - thank you, whoever you are! So, of the ten UK visitors, Christopher in Swansea visited me three times :-) Two people in Abingdon visited me a total of three times, then one in London, Trowbridge, Oxford and Ashfield.

This isn't very exciting stuff, is it? Perhaps that's why I have so few visitors!

It doesn't help that Google isn't indexing my pages even though this blog went public a month ago, and nor does Google's search facility work.

Doesn't matter. In a few years time I'll look at it again and surprise myself at what I got up to!

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  1. That probably doesn't include people using RSS readers though does it? :D

    Also, I don't know why I'm 'Elmo', I really should be 'Chris', but Google is a complicated beast these days!