Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Winding things down

One of my two luxuries here was a decent mattress (the other was this Internet connection - though perhaps that's more of an essential). I had a frame in my house when I moved in but bought another for people who stayed over. So, mattress + frame = one bed. I gave it away last weekend to a teacher from SISP who didn't have one and slept on a mat on the floor. She'd been telling me of her bad back for ages so perhaps the coil-sprung mattress will help. I know it gave me completely pain-free nights. Now I'm sleeping on a cotton-filled padded mat on the original frame and it's so damned uncomfortable! It's hot and sticky, and the sheet doesn't stay tucked in - I'm sure I'm losing several hours of sleep a night. 11 more nights to go... urgh!

And I've given away my active loudspeaker system which I used to use with this laptop. It went to the older boys at SISP for use in the afternoons when they're making crafts for the workshops. Now the boys can connect their MP3-playing cell phones to get a good volume and fair quality - infinitely better than hearing the tinny-hissy noise of the cell phones turned up full. I've also downloaded over 200 hindi, tamil and malayalam film-music tracks for them. I'm now a bit of a hero to them!

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