Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's wake-up calls have all come at the god-forsaken time of 04:10.  You can imagine how I feel about it!

Meanwhile, at SISP, the new volunteer Computer teacher has agreed to start next week.  That's really good news for the children - there'll be no break in their education and the quality will improve because he's young, has good ideas, and can communicate well.  I've watched him with the children - he's a natural.

Esther gave me a note of thanks and farewell yesterday.  I read it but got a bit choked up when thanking her for it.  If I get any more notes I think I'll read them after I've left.

I mentioned this ditch ages ago and vowed to find out what it was. Well, I didn't need to do any investigating because everyone said the same - it's an irrigation channel coming from Neyyar Dam, 40km away, providing water for the emergency irrigation of crops. 40km! Dug by hand! Complete with sluice gates and frequent bridges, and no lock gates. This is surely quite a feat of engineering!
Today was the first time during my 520 day stay in India that I've seen water in it. The short section in the first photo had been cleared only a week ago to look good for the temple festivities; the rest is somewhat overgrown and yet the water was flowing well.

This little cutie is about 520 days old too. She was born at around the time of my arrival here and I've watched her grow from a babe-in-arms to this smiley toddler. I see her nearly every day on my walk to school. She beams and waves at me, and can say a few words. Her mother and grandmother are equally smiley and friendly!

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