Wednesday, 30 September 2009

England, here we come!

Tomorrow morning I fly back to the UK. So ends my first year in India! I think I'll have to save my thoughts about my time spent here for a future post - I haven't finished packing yet and I've got to clean the house and tidy up before I'll rest!
Flight is 10:20 from Trivandrum with a 3 hour stopover in Dubai, arriving at London T3 at 20:15. (Emirates EK521 and EK005, total time 14.5 hours.) My sister has insisted on picking me up and whisking me back to her place in Guildford. Damned decent of her - thanks, J!

I'm looking forward most to catching up with my "children", C & J, and the rest of my family, and hearing all the news and stuff. And, in between, I hope to see as many of my old friends as possible too!

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