Saturday, 17 October 2009

Clive Not In India

I'm currently still in the UK but fly back in 72 hours time. As usual, my time here has flown and as usual there have been people I haven't seen or haven't spent long enough with. It's all a blur! I stayed with my sister in Guildford for a few days, my parents in Farnham, my son in Swansea, friends M&S in Abingdon, and now back to by brother's place in Surrey. Tomorrow I return to Guildford and from there will catch a train to Gatwick early 20/10.

But I'm ready to return now - I'm all packed!! I intend taking my old desktop PC with me to donate to SISP so I've dismantled it and have done a trial pack of my suitcase. I'm also taking some art materials from various kind bods, and some other bits and pieces so was concerned that it'd all fit. It does, but only just, and is only just below the baggage allowance of 30kg! I'm going to have to tie a rope around the suitcase so that it doesn't all burst open!

The weather here in the last few days has been glorious. England is showing me what I'm going to miss. The air is cool and clear, the skies blue, and the leaves are a mix of golds, reds and browns. Where I'm sitting right now I can see miles up to the Devil's Punchbowl near Hindhead. Fantastic! In an hour I'm off to see my parents for lunch, and a bit later I'll be going to see my son and daughter and ex. for supper. It's all go!

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