Sunday, 23 August 2009

Flights, Take II

planeI've decided that I needn't wait to buy my return-to-india flight tickets so I've gone ahead and bought them. I was going to wait because I was a little uncertain that I'd get an Entry Visa (as opposed to the more usual Tourist Visa) but I've decided to stop faffing about and to risk it. So my existing return ticket takes me back to the UK late on 1/10/09, and my newly bought tickets bring me back to India early on 20/10/09 - two and a half weeks in the UK. I'll stay another five and a half months in India and return to the UK on Sunday 28th March, 2010. £385 return: a reasonable price, and the flight times and connection delays are OK too. I just hope I can get the Visa because, at this price, the ticket conditions are stringent and there are no refunds if I cancel!

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