Friday, 7 August 2009

Added Ants

Ants are particularly adept at finding sugar. You would think an airtight tub would keep them out but no, somehow they get in. I thought I'd be cunning and suspend a double-knotted plastic bag of sugar from the washing line in my kitchen but when I looked at it this evening I found a few dozen of the blighters were in there. I suppose, given sufficient time, they will explore every available nook and cranny in search of food. And these ones are the very small orange type, so they were able to squeeze through the little gaps in the knots.

What would an Indian family do about sugar with ants in it? I'm pretty certain they'd ignore them! Well, I don't want ants doing breast stroke in my tea so I put the sugar in a hot frying pan and fried them! Yes, I'm "careful with my money," aren't I?

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