Monday, 4 May 2009

Sleepy Puppy and Sardines

Today I held a puppy little bigger than my hand, and so tired that he fell asleep in it! He can't have been more than a couple of weeks old and is the new pet of Renjith and Sourinineya, the kids up the road. Cute!

(Postscript: This is a photo of the children and the dog, when he is two months old.)
Last week I went with the SISP children to the beach in SISP's bus. It has a seating capacity of 20. I counted 47 heads and there were probably a few that I missed! Going to the beach was fine - if there'd been an accident one of the kids would have cushioned me! On the way back though I was right at the front. We had to do a bit of a rapid stop and I felt the weight of all those bodies pushing me towards the windscreen... Maybe just as well the brakes don't work too well :-)

Today was the start of the exams at SISP. It was noticeably quieter - not only were they not so vocal but also fewer turned up! I had four hours of computer exams in total. It was rather disappointing to find that many had forgotten the stuff I'd taught them only a few weeks ago and revised too. I had worried that today's exams would be too easy but they obviously weren't.

For the last few nights it has been swelteringly hot and humid. I've had little sleep and then I got a bad throat, a headache and a bit of a cold. I felt knackered at school today. Trouble is, if I open the windows at night then bugs come in. I have the fan on but with the windows closed it seems to just get hotter and hotter. I need to get some netting for one or two of the windows I reckon, and open them.

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