Wednesday, 20 May 2009

It's Raining!

It's 10:30 at night here and it's been peeing down for the last few hours. Excellent! I mean it - there's been so little rain recently that everything has been looking a little jaded. And I've been a bit concerned that wells will start to dry up. Forecasters have been saying that the monsoon will be early this year so perhaps this is the start of it. There have also been some winds which is quite unusual. Unlike back in the UK where it can be calm one day and blowing a gale the next, here the weather seems to change only slowly.

Yesterday morning I traipsed up to the school to give some computer tuition to the workshop staff only to find the school gates shut because of a local strike over the police shooting and killing six people in a village nearby (!). Many more injured and about 1000 arrested (!!) if you believe the newspapers. Today I traipsed up again and found it all open but no power... waited about for an hour and then wandered back home. Frustrating, but I'm learning not to let it get to me. Think my sanity is almost intact!

In answer to a question from my old mate Mark, these days there are no geckos in the toilet pan - in fact there's very little wildlife in my house now. The occasional large spider or cockroach beetle but that's about it. I think that just inhabiting the house and keeping it reasonably clean is keeping them under control. However, I was visited by a cat recently in the night. That's one of the problems of leaving windows slightly open - cats here are very opportunistic, particularly as no one feeds them.

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