Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A Less Than Good Day

Today I slapped one of the older kids for laughing at me. Can't say I'm too proud of myself for not being able to restrain my anger and not a very good example to set in full view of half the school's kids.

What happened was that I'd just got a cup of tea and was heading to the tuition class, along the walkway beside the yard. Suddenly, a football riquocheted off the ceiling onto the cup, covering me with hot tea. A kid of about 17 was standing right in front of me and immediately laughed his head off right in my face, so I smacked him one. I hesitated in disbelief at his reaction for a split second before doing so. I dislike people who laugh at others' misfortunes, and I verbally made that point very clear, but I suppose I should have used that split second more wisely.

Oh well. The School Secretary was nearby and she backed me up, thankfully. I did apologise to him a few moments later and got a mumbled "it's OK, I'm sorry" in return. I think he was somewhat shocked and surprised, and I think I really did sting him. The head teacher had a word with me later on and I think everything is cool, but I'm a bit ashamed. You never knew I had a hair-trigger temper, did you?!

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