Saturday, 28 February 2009


These lads are R and Y, two little devils who have graduated from SISP and attend public school in the daytime but return to SISP for tuition in the evening. They are inseperable mates and always up to mischief. I had to show you this photo because it's so typical of them - big grins, bright eyes, grubby shirts and ties askew. They are irrepressible!

Can you picture children playing with hoops and sticks? I've never seen it in reality in the UK - even in the North of Scotland fifty years ago our toys had progressed well beyond such basic Victorian play things. Well not here! There's one neighbouring child who I see regularly playing in the streets with a skinny tyre, propelling it along at a fair speed and with accuracy. Kids here have few toys - even the girl next door seems to have very little. The other day she was playing with a naked plastic doll, a brick and a rope. Today she's got a small cardboard box, putting books, a pen and broken plastic jewellery into it. But she's happy!

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