Sunday, 22 February 2009

Boy For Sex

Normality has resumed at SISP. The lad I slapped is showing a new kind of respect for me and other lads in his class feign a cower when I walk past!

On the way up to Kovalam Junction today I was intercepted by a guy of about 25. I could see he was targeting me deliberately and I kept on walking but he caught up quickly. As accurately as I remember, the conversation went like this:
"how you?"
"I'm well, thanks. How are you?"
"You want boy?"
"You want boy?"
"What do you mean? What for?" hoping I had misunderstood.
"WHAT??" I turned on him.
"You want boy for sex?"
"You want me to call the police?"
"You want me to call the police? You do know what the police are don't you? The POLICE??"
" I... No police"
"Go away or I'll call the police"
"OK. Good afternoon, sir"
and with that he slunk off. Now, I don't know if he really meant a boy or if he meant himself. Or if he thought I was suggesting he was police. I would have liked to have asked more because if there's anything I vehemently despise it's the low-life who force children into prostitution. But I just wanted the slimeball to go away. Because if he hadn't I would have wrung his neck. I didn't really get a good look at him. I hope I'm right in thinking he was probably offering himself. But this has been going round and round and round in my mind, and I've been playing it back and trying to imagine "what if this", "what if that".  Should I have done more to find out about the "boy" and report the guy? (believing what I've been told - that police don't give a damn or worse: are in collusion.  Being uncertain of what was meant.  Wondering if it really was child prostitution.  And, I admit it, wondering what kind of problems I'd have with authorities, gossip etc, if I tried to find out more or reported it and it turned out to be innocent). God, I don't know. 

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