Saturday, 20 February 2010

Herding Ducklings

This guy was herding thirty ducklings along my road yesterday.  He has a long stick with a yellow flag on top to guide them along - no mean feat when there are trucks and cars and rickshaws passing within inches.  He's wearing a lungi or a dhoti - the former is sewn into a tube, the latter is just a sheet of cloth.  Typically, he's wearing a Western-style shirt.

There's a solid old bike in the background which is again typical around here.  Inefficient rod brakes and steel rims - a bit scary when going down hill I'd imagine!  Single gear - I've seen no hub gears and very few derailleurs.  Bikes weigh a ton too so I'm particularly impressed by a skinny little guy I see regularly cycling the 13km from Kovalam to Trivandrum on a bike which looks way too big for him!

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