Friday, 15 January 2010

Sri Lanka Beckons

A comment from my good friend, Marco, made me realise that I hadn't actually mentioned much about my leaving SISP and going to Sri Lanka.

Yes, it's something I have been mulling over for a while. I didn't ever consider SISP to be a job for life but rather one of a few before I pop my clogs. I think that 18 months is long enough to achieve something useful - even if it's only making six wall noticeboards!  However, there's always the feeling that you could do more, or that it would be good to complete everything already started but really, where would you stop?

 Back in April last year I happened to sit beside a Sri Lankan woman of about my age, on the plane trip back to the UK. She was a mother of four - two boys and two girls but, sadly, both girls had been killed in the war. Her sons were now living in London and the US, and her husband had just died (of cancer, I think). She was an ardent Christian and her faith didn't seem to have been shaken even after such tragedy.  She was friendly, and told me a little about Sri Lanka and the need for help there. It just planted a seed.
A month or so ago I started searching SL organisations in earnest. I found The Rainbow Centre, which is a bit like a mini SISP, and Adopt Sri Lanka - an organisation supporting teachers in rural schools in southern SL. I'm applying to work with ASL. I would be helping teachers learn about the use of ICT in schools and developing some course materials. I would mentor the SL teachers in their classrooms on occasion so I would still have some contact with kids (leaving the SISP kids behind will be a huge wrench for me). They seem really keen to have me on board, and are already discussing my role and what I might be able to do, and how they might give me some teacher trainig too. Dare I say it, they even sound excited about the possibilities and I think I might get satisfaction and appreciation there - it's all looking good from this distance!

I would be based in Tangalla (or "Tangalle"), right down the bottom of Sri Lanka. It's not completely the end of the earth - tourists do visit, I believe. Here's a map for you to peruse and consider whether you might like to visit me!

Update: I didn't mention dates, did I?! I come back to the UK on 28th March and will immediately apply for a visa for Sri Lanka. Once got, I'll book flights. target is around mid April. ASL would like me to overlap with a teacher who'll be returning to the UK in late April but I don't want my time in the UK to be a complete rush and I'd like enough time to catch up with friends and family!


  1. Hi Clive,
    Do you know yet when are you moving over to Sri Lanka?

  2. Hi Ira,
    Ah, yes, dates ... have added a little update to my post and will email more!