Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sound to Light Effects

Thought I'd just post to tell you the latest "Only in India". The temple music is blasting away again but we've now got something new: lighting modulated by sound!

Great eh? Not only to do I have to put up with aural pollution but now, also, visual pollution! I've had to turn the lights off in this room because they were flickering so much.

So, another bloody temple festival. This time it's the microscopic temple up the road. They've slung the usual horn speakers in the trees outside my house but amazingly they must have pointed them away because my eardrums are not reaching their end-stops. Thank the gods for small mercies! The depth of the sound has also improved because there's a bank of disco speakers a short distance away but, even though the quality is now marginally less screeching, it's still damned annoying, and I have four days of this!

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