Monday, 28 December 2009

Looking Ahead

Thankfully the temple music only lasted two days and actually was less intrusive the second day. Since then I was hoping to find time to sit down and start preparing a plan for the new term but I keep procrastinating and being side-tracked. I've been distracted by concerns of what I'll do after my visa runs out and I quit SISP next March.  I did a bit of Internet surfing and found a project in SW Sri Lanka which might need a volunteer. I've fired off an email to them and have also started a VSO application. With the VSO I'm sure I could get a posting if I wanted to work in my profession field but I don't. I want to continue this teaching of Computing but I'm not qualified so I doubt VSO would want me.

Finally today I've go myself comfortable and have looked back at the work of the last year so that I can plan what we'll do next.  A year ago, as computers were new to these kids, it was a matter of getting them familiar and confident with using them first, with plenty of practical work.  Now it's a case of shoe-horning them into a more structured and graduated learning scheme, at the appropriate levels.  To help me, I've started looking at the text books used by other schools. There's a lot of rubbish in them and very few decent examples but I can get a feel for where they're going and then try to plan my own approach for reaching the same end points.

This is a long-term plan and, the trouble is, if I leave SISP at the end of March I'll feel I haven't accomplished as much as I could.

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