Saturday, 26 December 2009

Damned Temple Music Again

Boxing Day, and the music from the Hindu temple woke me. The volume got progressively louder so that by 6am I couldn't stand it any more and had to get up. The loudspeakers aren't immediately outside my house this time but, even so, it was bloody loud. I wonder if it's Hindu retribution for yesterday's Christian festival.

Despite playing Tina Turner and M-People at full volume I wasn't able to drown it out. I couldn't stand it any more and had to get out! Just as I was shutting the door there was a power cut. Silence! Golden Silence!

I went for a walk to the beach and stayed down there for a while. It was sunny, very hot and humid. It would be great to find somewhere quiet and shady to just sit and relax but there's nowhere. I suppose I could sit at one of the restaurants but I'd have to buy something and I begrudge their high prices (relative to non-touristy areas). And anyway, there's no real peace and quiet anywhere.

Eventually I got back to Kovalam Junction, had lunch and then called in at SISP. I'd been asked by the Dance Leader to take a few photos. He wanted them for some advertisement which was to be published in a couple of days' time. I took twenty or so for him and got them to the guy who's going to do the editing and layout. Here are a few poses for your entertainment...

When I got home there was still silence, even though the power had returned. Perhaps it was over?! No such luck, the noise soon returned. I'm trying to ignore the din as I write this. I'm trying to stay calm.

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