Saturday, 11 July 2009

My work plagiarised!

I was irritated to find that some of my work on SISP's website has been plagiarised by a children's home. I wouldn't normally mind but, as it's local, it could appear that SISP has associations with it when it categorically doesn't. Perhaps I should feel flattered! The good thing is that it has caused me to review my words; my article wasn't so great after all and so I've improved it.

This damned internet connection keeps failing! We get a little powercut and then WHAM!! No internet! Like right now, this very second, I'm having to write this using Notepad, saving on my laptop and then uploading when the connection returns. Sometimes I phone the providers, Asianet, and sometimes they fix it by resetting something there and then. Other times they send a man out somewhere (or so they claim) and it takes hours. It's amazing how much I rely on the internet for my sanity!

Oooh Look! It's back up again!!

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