Sunday, 18 January 2009

Photos Inside My House

Here's a floor plan and some photos of the inside of my house which I took at the beginning of December. The floorplan is drawn to scale - the hall really IS 8m x 3m! There's a large table at the far end of it on which I have my laptop, speakers, and a load of junk. There are two plastic patio chairs in the house - they are a very common feature in this part of India.

You can't really miss the cobwebs! They were there when I moved in and got progressivly sootier from the candles I was using during power cuts. In fact so black with soot that to remove them left a real mess of smears on the ceilings and walls - which I left while considering my options. I've removed them now, you'll be pleased to hear! I had to do something as the population of spiders was expanding exponentially. Black smears are easier to live with!

The small bedroom is 3m x 3m and was a bit tricky to photograph. It would be fine for me to move into if anyone, or any couples, want to come and stay - hint, hint!

You might notice those spray guns in the shower room and bathroom. They're instead of loo paper - it's really too humid for paper. Actually the sprays are a luxury - most places make do with a plastic jug and a bucket of water! The mixer taps and shower look great, don't they? They don't work, of course. You can have either hot water or cold, and the pressure isn't enough to get more than a dribble from the taps. This is where the bucket and jug come in handy!

There's a lot of empty space in this house but I like it. It suits me just fine. It costs Rs.6,000 a month which is about £83. It was £71 when I first arrived but the exchange rate plummeted from 84 to 72 Rupees to the £. Whatever, it's still cheap!

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