Sunday, 25 January 2009

Perspective Drawings

This drawing shows you the kind of thing I'm trying to do with the students in Classes A and B. These are the older student/workers and our older full time students. The youngest is a very able 13 year old though most are 16-20. I've been doing a simpler version of this two-point perspective of a book on a table for a few weeks now. In the latest version shown here I introduce thickness for the cover and some suitable square lettering. I'll set this as a test for them this coming week, probably after one lesson to demonstrate the new features. Usually I get them to leave in the construction lines and they have great fun colouring in the bounded areas with psychedelic colours. I try to encourage their creativity!

... and this is my single-point perspective of a street of concrete Keralan houses, complete with auto-rickshaw!

... and finally, my single-point perspective of a room with TV, sofa, pictures, and recessed windows and door. Not too sure about that sofa.

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