Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Humid Mould

It's been raining a lot in the last week - very heavily at times. Water has even been coming out of a power socket on the wall! I've put a bucket underneath and have collected at least 8 litres. The soil is banked up on that side of the house and the puddling water somehow finds the power conduit. The owner promised to lower the level "tomorrow" several days ago but hasn't. Meanwhile, everywhere is very damp and the humidity is very high. A towel I washed a week ago and hung outside is still damp, and smelly again. Everything takes ages to dry and many things are going mouldy within a day or two. My heated cupboard is being put to good use and seems to be keeping some things mould-free. Night-time temperatures are actually lower - I haven't measured them but I feel cold in bed and have woken up early several times because of it. I have the ceiling fan on quite high so that it drowns out the outside noises (esp the temple at 5am) but obviously it cools me even more. I can see myself resorting to earplugs!

At SISP we're very busy getting ready for the exams and the Muslim "Sacrifice Day" festivities. So far I've avoided the group games but I'm told it would send the wrong message to the children if I opt out completely - damn! The exam papers should be in by today but I've only written two of the six required. I'll get them done before they're needed but they take time, and I have the constant distraction of normal classes, fixing broken computers, computer viruses etc. It ain't easy!

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